Monday, December 13, 2010

On Graduating

Graduating from high school and graduating from college have turned out to be such vastly different occasions.

When I graduated from high school a cake was ordered a week in advance. I mailed invitations. My mom threw a party. My entire family came including both of my aunts and my cousins. People gave me money, lots and lots of money that I didn't need. And I blew every bit of it in just a few weeks time hanging out with my friends.

For college I've bought a dress. I don't think anyone in my extended family knows there is a ceremony on Friday, because it wouldn't matter and they wouldn't come. I don't have invites to send out, or a party next Saturday. My mom, my brother, my dad, my childhood best friend and Riley will be there. We might go out to eat somewhere semi nice afterward. Or we might stop somewhere cheap for burgers. There will be no money, which is the most hilarious part because I could actually use a few bucks for something of purpose this time around.

Undeniably this is a much bigger deal than graduating from high school. And yet it feels like just some mundane thing I'll do on Friday and go about the rest of my life the next morning.

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