Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cinnamon Rolls

First, the cinnamon rolls. Excuse the crappy quality.

cinnamon rolls 003

cinnamon rolls 002

Second: A food survey, for fun. I hope you all play along.

My favorite non important question to ask someone is 'what did you have for dinner last night'. I am a person obsessed. Always have been. But I love to hear about what other people eat. Because sometimes it's so different from the things I grew up having in my house. Or other times it's terribly similar. So, as a play on my favorite question I hope you all will join me in filling out a little survey. So I can quench my 'what you had for dinner' thirst.

What did you have for dinner last night, or tonight? I made sweet and sour chicken. Marinated cubed chicken breasts in cornstarch/soy sauce mixture, fried with a little oil, drained the chicken, served with homemade sweet and sour sauce, white rice and slices of fresh carrots, onions and green peppers along with chunks of pineapple.

What was your favorite meal as a child?
Pepper steak. I still don't know how my Mom made it, but the recipe came from my Dad's father. It involved strips of steak, rice, soy sauce, green peppers and bean sprouts. I used to request it for every birthday dinner.

You favorite place to grab a bite to eat?
Cheddars has the best burger ever. The only burger I openly crave on a habitual basis. So probably there if I'm sitting down for lunch somewhere. And I would be in serious trouble if Louisville had a Chipotle like Lexington does.

Something you or your family makes that you've never heard of anyone else making: Lots of people make goulash, but nobody makes ours. It's sort of a Hungarian Goulash, but a little different. Again, another of my Dad's father's recipes. We also used to stop at Kroger late in the evenings and pick up thinly sliced corned beef or pastrami, and swiss cheese from the deli, spicy brown mustard, sauerkraut and marble rye bread and have these New York style deli sandwiches. Since my Dad's father grew up in New York City he always made sandwiches like those for his kids. He used to pack my Dad pastrami sandwiches for lunch with squares of baklava for a dessert.

What are you most likely to snack on? I love dry roasted sunflower seeds, pistachios, edamame. I also have a serious weakness for chips, anything but plain. And limes with salt.

Do you call it Coke, Pop, or Soda? Coke. Coke. Coke. Anything else is wrong.

Your favorite dessert is....
birthday cake, ben & jerrys ice cream

If you were hosting a dinner party at your house, what are you most likely to make?
Probably a lasagna with garlic bread and a huge salad. Definitely something that is crowd friendly and involves minimal pans.

Italian, Chinese, Mexican? Which one is your favorite? My mom would say Mexican, my brother would say Chinese, I would have to go with Italian. I like chinese food, but I couldn't eat it all the time. I'm not a huge fan of beans or spicy things. Italian is very comforting and filling.

Favorite celebrity chef(s)?
Paula Deen, Ina Garten and Giada de Laurentiis. Although if I had to pick a favorite of the three I've mapped out a strategy. Giada does Italian, Paula does Southern food, Ina does it all and with just as much she'd have to win.

Favorite cookbook? The Joy of Cooking is a nice reference book. If I'm in the middle of a recipe and it's not going so well the Joy of Cooking always has a comparable recipe to help me out.

Favorite 'weird' food? I love brussels sprouts, a lot. I've been known to eat a few slices of pickled bologna. I like clam strips. Fried cauliflower, after it's gotten cold in the fridge.

Food you won't touch with a ten foot pole:
fennel, onions in most things, oysters, black beans, black olives, most pork.

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