Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Could Study...

But I'd rather fill this out.


1. Clothes Shop- Lots of stuff from Target. I shop the sales racks at Macys quite often. I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls. And believe it or not, I get several basics each year at JC Penney...by no means uber classy, but it works for me.

2. Furniture Shop- I wouldn't say this really applies to me currently. I love shopping resale shops and antique stores, my home style would probably lean towards a preppy-Martha Stewart-eastern seaboard meets KY-country style. Which sounds weird. But trust....it will be beautiful.

3. City- I've not been to many cities. I love Louisville. Nashville has an awesome vibe. The Atlanta skyline is gorgeous. I'm dying to visit Chicago and NYC.

4. Sweet- Cheesecake, chocolate cake, various pies, sour-gummy-sweet things.

5. Drink- Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper and lately: Sprite.

6. Music- Dixie Chicks are my favorite everything. Lately I've been playing my Election 08-Road to Victory mix (yes, I made a playlist and named it this) so lots of Stevie Wonder (signed sealed delivered), Bruce Springsteen (the rising), and The Beatles (here comes the sun)

7. TV- One Tree Hill and Grey's Anatomy. Everything on TLC, I'm most recently (and sadly) obsessed with The Duggars. As well as The Rachel Maddow Show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Election Center with Campbell Brown and Anderson Cooper's AC360.

8. Film- I can appreciate art. I can watch a lot of stuff. But if I'm picking just for fun I'll always pick a cheesy chick flick or some documentary.

9. Workout- I go for a lot of walks. That's the only workout I can be diligent about. I need to walk the labrador more often, he could use the energy expenditure.

10. Pastries- I enjoy donuts. Chocolate Covered, Cream Filled Long Johns to be precise.

11. Coffee- toffee nut frappucinos, white chocolate mochas, caramel machiato.


Let's see, what else?

Oh yeah.

I made a chocolate chip cookie cake this weekend. And this pumpkin pie dessert-y thing. I only have a photo of the cookie cake:

cookie cake 006

I'm not defending my decorating skills. I shall only point out I wanted lots of icing on it. Because seriously, that's the best part.

(I may have been hormonal and craving sweets all weekend long. So sue me.)


I know some of you may be avoiding my blog like the plague lately. I'm sorry if you are. But there is only a week until this election. Until then, I'll leave you with this disclaimer.



k said...

mmmm that cookie cake looks delicious...i like that idea, i might have to make a halloween one myself! maybe a round pumpkin-decorated one or something. with lots of frosting. because, duh, it really is the best part.

April said...

Oooh, that would be cute! And yes, with the pumpkin design you could cover the whole thing with orange frosting. Genius!