Thursday, October 9, 2008

How I Spent My Day

My Dad has one of these, and because he has one of those every 2 1/2 months he has to go downtown to Frazier Rehab to get it emptied and refilled. Because my Dad is disabled, because he sometimes doesn't think as well as he should or remember things like he used to (from years of overuse of pain medication and loss of oxygen during his major heart attack) I usually accompany him on these visits. I fill out paperwork, help him answer questions and handle setting up the valet parking for the car.

And I freaking hate every minute of it.

What taking our Dad to the doctor looks like: A Photo Essay

rehab 016

rehab 010

rehab 007

rehab 021
(note the spot on my upper lip. that's my new 'skin cancer', at least I firmly believe it might be skin cancer. i'll get back to you, the dermatologist won't see me for another month)

rehab 025

rehab 026

rehab 030


Fun stuff.


k said...

i really admire how you take care of your family.

also - skin cancery thing - feel you on that! waiting a month to get in for mine too...eeeeeek. but i've had malignant melanoma before so i guess i can handle whatever this is :S

also also - that last picture is hysterical!!

April said...

Well thank you. But I'm not special at all, I spend a lot of time being upset or angry at the level of 'care' I have to provide sometimes. But it's I do it.

Good luck on your skin cancer! Too bad this isn't like plastic surgery and we can meet up at some recovery spa after our procedures and sip fruity drinks mixed with painkillers. Man, that would be awesome. ;)

k said...

mmmmm recovery spa cocktails....that sounds divine