Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Few Deals to Start the Week

Bare Escentuals is offering a free 10 day sample of their foundation with a FREE Buki Brush, all you have to pay is $3.95 shipping. I believe you can only get one shade per order, but I was able to get 2 different shades for the same $3.95 (my mother and I have different skin tones) (or order one for now and another shade for your summer tan). CLICK HERE!

Open this PDF file HERE for a sheet of printable Babies "R" Us coupons. Including high dollar coupons for nursery furniture, and percentage off of several potential baby shower gifts if you happen to need to buy those soon.

CLICK HERE to learn about a week long (7 day) vacation in historic Williamsburg, Virginia for only $243. If I weren't traveling with family and dogs I would totally jump on this deal. If Williamsburg isn't your cup of tea there are numerous other good deals to be found on that website, so just look around a bit.

Quiznos is giving away a million free subs. CLICK HERE to register your name and email (remember the spam email account I told you to open) to get a printable coupon for one sent to you. We adore Quiznos around this house. Yum-o.

Go to and enter the code: MENU when checking out to receive 80% off of your order. $25 gift certificates are only $2!! $10 certificates for select restaurants are on sale for $3 making them 60 cents after the code. I've not used them in Louisville before because I don't eat out that often, but I have used them at restaurants in Florida with no problem.

Happy Deals!


SassyCassie said...
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SassyCassie said...

I <3 deals, man. Alex and I were talking today about how we hate to pay full price for anything, but we still do it for groceries! I need to get on the couponing bandwagon but it seems like so much work!

(The first time I tried an html heart and it didn't work.. it bothered me. lol!)

April said...

I'll be honest: I don't use coupons that often at the grocery. I should be better at it, but I'm totally not. Feel better now? haha

I just meal plan around what is on sale that week, buy produce that is on sale and in season, look for deals and markdowns throughout the store and don't buy a lot of convenience foods.

Here is a link to a way to file coupons without clipping them:

I've found clipping drains the most time, so maybe that would be an easier way to get into it?!