Monday, March 30, 2009

Painting with Calipari

How I spent Sunday, and today once I get going again:

Room 09 002

I came home and showed the shade to my Dad, he said, "It's.....grey." As if the grey-ness of it was a mistake.

No mistake.

My thoughts on grey: it's hipper than the other neutral colors (beige, tan, brown), and it will be a good base for artwork.

And it's not hot pink or turquoise, and since I don't plan on living here forever, and my Mom just got her x-ray license for Florida (no joke...I'm still shocked), it should be an acceptable sell-able shade, no?

Anyways, hopefully I'll make good progress on it today...if I can stop refreshing the internet for Calipari news. I couldn't stand Gillispie, so this is thrilling.

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