Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nikon d60: An Explanation

So if you follow me on Twitter you know that today I got a Nikon d60.

Really. What else do I have to say?

Except I was not blatantly copying or trying to steal the thunder of anyone else who may have gotten a Nikon for their March birthday as well. *cough cough* I swear! It was all in the works before I knew!! And my mother MADE me do it!

This has been paining me.

I'm silly.

So anyways. I got one. And it's a little scary. I'd say this camera is equal parts terrifying and cool. Like too cool for me to touch...almost.

I have no idea what I'm doing yet...basically. But here's some pictures anyway.

Mom & Jack



test shot with new Nikon d60

Nikon d60 165

Molly via the new Nikon

Nikon d60 068

Nikon d60 067

Nikon d60 045

Nikon d60 044

Nikon d60 041

So why the d60? Good question. The truth? I just gave up and bought it. I found a super great deal on it, it was under the $400 budget I was playing around with...and I pulled the trigger (or uh..purchase button) and got it. Did you know there is a REALLY GOOD REASON not to buy any camera on the market?? I do...because I've read that many reviews!! And they all made my head hurt.

Why Nikon over Canon? I like bright photos and Nikon's straight out the camera stuff always seems to pop just a little bit more.

Things I've learned in the few hours I've had it:

Jack (the Lab) is a contrary old man and an awful model. Chuck, he is not.


SassyCassie said...

I would never accuse your of stealing my thunder! lol! I LOVE that you go the Nikon! And isn't it wonderful how you can really have no clue what you're doing and just mess around and the pictures are like 10 MILLION TIMES more awesome than with your old camera!? I'm glad spring is coming so I can capture some awesomeness!

So anyway, camera lady, figure out how to use yours then teach me how to use my d40x! :D

k said...

that's awesome!!! how did you find one under $400? amazing. i have been waffling back and forth over getting one for YEARS now but i've never had the guts to go for it (which pains me when i think about all the useless crap i've probably spent just as much, if not more, on, and i could have had a camera!)

i hope you love it! can't wait to see more pics :)

April said...

I found it refurbed from Cameta Cameras on Amazon. They have an Ebay store as well, comes with a 90 day Nikon warranty, but they extend that warranty to a full year. I didn't think that was too bad, so I jumped on it.

April said...

Cassie, I know...I love that I know nothing about what I'm doing and it's okay for the most part! haha

April said...

But I am sending it back today! haha

I think I want the bigger kit so she's going to refund my money and then go from there. They have pretty good customer service. But check out forum (do a search for DSLR) and you'll find lots of deals out there on all kinds of slrs.