Friday, March 6, 2009

Things that make me happy...

My 82 year old grandmother is a total Obama fangirl. I'm not sure she'd know what the word 'fangirl' even meant, but the fact that she (and all of her children) are more progressive than several of my cousins brings me great joy. The Obama lovefest we all had on the phone tonight was awesome. I love my family. The older half of it anyway.

My puppies. I told Molly tonight that she was so cute I wanted to blend her up and eat her. It was disturbing. And true.

Anticipating the arrival of Riley Paige. I'm planning to be at the hospital with bells on and a million cameras in hand. Although if I'm threatening to blend up the dog b/c of her cuteness, I'm not entirely sure I should be trusted around babies.

(sidenote: Riley is going to be the first baby I've held in years. It's totally like riding a bike...right? Otherwise I should probably read a book or something.)


So yeah, that's about it for now.

P.S. Happy Birthday Mrs. Sartin! I would say I hope it's a good one, but since I know you're playing with a sweet little camera I know I don't have to. :D

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SassyCassie said...

Thanks! ♥

And I love the story about your grandma. I'm pretty sure that Alex and I are the only Obama peeps in our entire families. Except maybe my dad the huge republican that voted for him, remember? :D