Thursday, March 5, 2009

On Turning 23

Vera Bradley has the most adorable little flip flops this season. I'm at the library right now so I can't snip the pic of them, but here is the LINK. I swore I wasn't going to spend too much on them this year, but I almost can't resist. So preppy, fresh and cute!

Yesterday was the big birthday. Thanks to all who sent messages, left wall posts on Facebook or gave shout outs on blogs and Twitter. I adore you all. And everyday you affirm for me why the internet can be an awesome place.

As mentioned I'm at the library so I can't upload pics. So just imagine. I got a white ice cream cake from DQ with red roses. It was cute, but more importantly it was delicious. And the girl who wrote on it asked me how to spell APRIL, which pretty much made me giggle for the remainder of the day.

My parentals wrote me a check for $200, way more than I was expecting. We don't go overboard for birthdays, they've always given $50-$100 depending on what I wanted or what they could afford. I was honestly not even expecting a gift last night. But alas. I'm not going to mention what I have my eye on, for fear of jinxing it. But I'll explain the math to give you a hint: I've got $200, another $40 from my grandmother and I'll need to put up about $150 of my own stash to get it. And if I do this, it will be fabulous.

Or I could blow all $240 on flip flops, although I must admit the likelihood of that happening is pretty scarce.

As for actually being 23? I don't really enjoy it. 22 was harder to handle, I may have actually shed a tear over that one. But whatever. Another year. I think I'm officially past the point of caring about birthdays.

P.S. Professors should really take one's birthday into consideration before scheduling exams, quizzes, homework or papers. Just sayin'.

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