Friday, March 20, 2009

What I Know

I'm the girl who reads articles about healthy options and bad options for lunches, and gets a craving for the bad option.

I'm really sensitive.

I'm pretty indecisive most of the time.

Sometimes I feel like a gigantic loser.

I love to laugh.

I'm the kind of person who could find sympathy for a serial killer, as crazy as that sounds. I guess I just think that deep down there is good in us all, but I wonder what happens to make people so sinister.

I really enjoy tomatoes. And even though I read an article about winter tomatoes and slavery I keep buying them. It makes me kinda feel guilty.

Even though I love saving money at the grocery store, I can still...from time to time...go spend $50 in one trip on fruit and veggies and snacks (as evidenced last night).

I hate the new Facebook.

I really love following celebrities on Twitter.

My wisdom teeth have really begun to hurt lately, but I refuse to get them pulled.

Grey's Anatomy has me worried about skin cancer. I'm now looking at every mole and sun spot suspiciously.

Just to elaborate on that last point: I'm an internet-hypochondriac.

I'd love to adopt another cat...if I weren't already taking care of three.

For the first time since I started remembering things, UK is not in the NCAA Tournament...therefore this 'March Madness' everyone speaks of is not something I'm aware exists.

I miss Tubby Smith.


k said...

um hi, who gave you permission to write a list detailing everything about me?! :)

aside from the wisdom teef - i'm finally done dealing with that!

(seriously though, re: the first made me get a super big craving for a mcgangbang...which is effed up because a) that's disgusting and b) i don't even eat fatty foods on the internet, WHY CAN'T I QUIT YOU!)

April said...

I know!! Fatty foods on the internet are becoming a HUGE problem for me! I mean, I knew the minute I even though a krispy kreme hamburger sounded the least bit appealing that it was time to quit...and yet here we are. haha