Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Few More Favorites

I can't resist posting a couple more photos. These were all taken with my tiny little Fuji camera...because at first I couldn't decide which SLR I really want and now all of my free time is consumed by Honda and transmissions. Such is life I suppose.

Riley2 075

Riley2 058

Riley2 036

Riley2 022

Riley2 070

We did a little baby list making and brainstorming with my parents last night. My friend has always relied on my parent's advice, and they came up with the following to help with a few issues.

Otherwise known as:

Things I've learned every parent will need after the package has been delivered. Some of which will save your sanity and none of which I'd ever thought of, not that it was my responsibility..but Riley's Mama didn't either so there:

A Miracle Blanket (Really, it's truth in advertising. That thing is a miracle.)
Saline Nasal Spray for Babies (Babies get colds, noses get dry. My Dad reminded everyone of this one. He's practical and full of great advice like that.)
What to Expect the First Year (or something similar of your choosing...obviously.)

Jonathan has informed me he is very happy he only has an older sibling. I informed him I was very happy he is now 14.

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