Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

My name is April. I'm 23. My Mom still gives me a basket full of candy and I like to dye Easter eggs.

Our baskets.
Easter 2009 001
Jon enjoying a slim jim, I find them gross...but whatever.
Easter 2009 004
The PAS kit was amazing. More colors than ever before. We did them this morning because I think I've got mono or something and lost the ability to stay awake past 9:30.
Easter 2009 008

Easter 2009 015

Easter 2009 016

Easter 2009 017

Easter 2009 019

Easter 2009 020

Easter 2009 021

Easter 2009 024

Easter 2009 028
Ham. I did my research via a Herald-Leader article I read on Thursday while chomping down on a Chipotle burrito and decided bone in was the way to go.
Easter 2009 054
And cupcakes. Which I thought turned out cute.
Easter 2009 033

Easter 2009 035

If I wasn't running short on time today I'd have piped on the grass and made nests for the jelly bean eggs with toasted coconut. Maybe next year. In the meantime, pretend these were elaborate.
Easter 2009 042

Hmm, pictures of people? Yes, I seem to recall that photo subject. I'll have to try more of that sometime in the future.

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