Wednesday, September 17, 2008


IMDB now offers a selection of movies and tv shows, full length viewing, on their website FOR FREE.

You all know me, I'm ALL about the free.

I hope this counts as the Christmas present you are expecting from me.

Really, I put so much thought into this gift.


P.S. My Dad and brother are going hunting this weekend for deer and/or turkey. Which is weird. My Dad hasn't hunted deer in nearly 20 years. Jon has only ever hunted squirrel. But, as mentioned, Jon is into archery now. He would very much like to compete with the girl next door (who is also hunting this weekend with her Dad) and try and bag a deer before her.

Yes, he is competitive.

So, they are hunting.

Which means I'm taking my mother antiquing and greenhouse/nursery browsing. I'm so excited. Because I don't think you are ever too old to enjoy stealing time with your mother from your sibling.

P.P.S. Anyone got a good wild turkey recipe? I'm NOT eating deer.


k said...

omg thank you for that link!!

i have no wild turkey recipes...the only turkey i've cooked is turkey chili and turkey burgers, and i somehow doubt jon is going to show up with a ground turkey...unless they are using a new, innovative hunting technique :P

April said...

Haha, if I were drinking water I would have just snorted it everywhere! I wish there were a hunting technique that would bring turkey to me already ground up!