Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Photo of the Day (Update my Life Edition)

Jon's 'I'm growing out my hair project' is finally out of that awkward growing out stage and kind of cute. He was a curly headed 3 year old, 10 years's back.

curly hair 055

The yard in front of the house was dug up today for a new water line. I'm already tired of the heavy machinery running. But the pile of rock and dirt is impressive.

curly hair 052

My quilt blocks went from this:

curly hair 036

To this:

curly hair 042

And finally, when will cats ever learn they aren't as small as they think they are?

curly hair 031

I'm not sure. But the hissing and biting that occurred while trying to free her from this mess will forever haunt my dreams.


k said...

haha...your cat looks just like mine (wicky wicky...not chuck, he is much fatter)

can't wait to see more progress on the quilt!

April said...

Fatter? Ha, I can only imagine!