Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So I'm sick.

I guess it's true that when you are super stressed for any given amount of time your immune system becomes vulnerable to every snotty five year old you encounter at the grocery store.

Ahh. Such is life.

I'm laying here tonight, having fully digested the craptasticness that is the new 90210 and waiting on my new prescription strength cough syrup to kick in. It's supposed to knock my ass to the floor, and leave me snoring in no time.

Ha. Supposed to. Clearly, it's not doing its job.

So let's see. What is new since the last time we talked?

Hmm. Not much.

Since last time I did a 'things I'm obsessed with list', this time I'll do a 'things I hate list'. Because I generally don't like lots of things. But that is only heightened when I'm hopped up on cough syrup.
  • Facebook. I hate Facebook. I hate reading about the lives of people I really didn't even like in high school. I'm tired of looking at pictures of people's: 1) babies 2) drunken nights out 3) trips I wish I were going on. And I hate the new interface. HATE. I've hovered over the delete button several times, but I've yet to actually do it.

  • People who literally 6 months ago told me a woman should never be president, but who now believe Sarah Palin is the second coming of Jesus. Seriously people, it's either FOR or AGAINST. Perhaps I'd appreciate your view a little better if you weren't such a flip flopper.

  • Hurricanes. I'm tired of hearing about hurricanes. I'm tired of Anderson Cooper reporting on hurricanes. I'm tired of flipping through channels and hearing about more hurricanes. It's election time, Cable News Networks, quit giving me reasons to be glad I don't live in Florida.

  • And finally: being sick, having the blahs, not wanting to blog. I hate that. I hope I return to 'normal' soon. For now, I'm signing off from McFunkville.

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