Friday, September 26, 2008

It's the economy, stupid

You know what I never do?

Get pictures printed. Like ever. And for someone who takes such an insane amount I always find that a little odd. I have boxes of photos from the early 90s and a handful of everything from the last few years. But hey, I can send you a link to my Flickr account!

So anyways, my point is, I don't print pictures often. But I can't resist when someone is offering to send me 50 for FREE and not charge shipping!


Create a Shutterfly account, ANOTHER one if you already have one. Upload some photos and pick out 50 to get printed. They'll ship them for free and not charge a penny.

And next time you see me ask me to show you some recent pictures, I'll actually have copies of some.

Tonight is the first Presidential Debate. I hope you are all being good citizens and staying home tonight to watch. Or getting together with friends to watch. Or something. Because who says debate watching can't be fun? Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Although given the criteria, you might want to go ahead out to stock up on a lot of alcohol now.


Personal news: I'm doing fine. I'm nervous and anxious about a dozen things going on in life right now. But since that's normal I figure I'm doing okay.

My Dad wanted to sell one of his trucks and the boat he never uses so I introduced him to Craigslist today. He's still talking about how easy it was to list them. I'm trying to do my part to introduce him to the internet. Although it might be back firing since he now wants me to 'pull up that ebay thing' all the time for him. Too cute.

Jon in 3 efforts still has zero deer or turkey. But I've heard rumors they are going out this evening. At this rate I'm thinking of gluing some feathers to a Butterball and letting him shoot it in the backyard. He might not appreciate that idea though.

Have a wonderful weekend and don't get too wasted watching the debate tonight. Or get too wasted, we'll blame it on the economy.

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