Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Grand Finale

The last of the Christmas pics, I promise.

Check out this Christmas ham! My Mama got all fancy this year. ;D
Christmas Eve 2008 002

A bit blurry, but we never take those hold out the camera pics and have them turn out without one of us looking CRAZY. So, I'm sharing it.
Christmas Eve 2008 005

Now, here's my Dad falling asleep story. We had guests at our house since Sunday night. My father gets a bit of nervous energy flowing when we have guests, even relatives as these were, and begins to think he must entertain and host the entire time. Let's say he began hosting and didn't stop until Christmas Eve night. He barely slept and was WIRED for 72 hours straight. After finally sitting down to eat Christmas dinner, no sooner than his plate was cleared did he begin to nod off.

Now, any sane person could be woken up and guided into a bed, or at least to cat nap on the couch, right? HA, my father is different. If you wake him up in this state he begins to argue with you like a 2 year old fighting sleep does. He insists upon going out into the garage to smoke a cigarette. So we left him.

Here I am holding him up, because he began to wobble. Note the cigarettes, we had to pry them from his fingers.
Christmas Eve 2008 011

Here's Mom getting quite bored while waiting for his power nap to be over.
Christmas Eve 2008 012

And finally. We call this one, 'If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em.'
Christmas Eve 2008 017

He woke up a few minutes after this picture, probably because we were playing dress up with his head (he'd worn a Santa hat and a turbin at that point). And he laughed, cracked up over the pictures, and proceeded to stay up half the night.

Oh well.

I'm happy to report he does seem to be returning to regularly scheduled sleep. Thank God.

Now, I think I'm almost over the holidays. Something about 70 degree weather shook me out of it today. Although we're still watching lots of Christmas movies on Hallmark and Lifetime. In the back of my mind I'm plotting vacation. Go ahead, tell me you aren't surprised.


Expressions By Devin said...

My dad does the power nap thing.But my dad falls asleep with the remote in his hand.But the funny part is he is still changing the channels lol.The ham looks awesome by the way!!!

SassyCassie said...

LOL @ your dad! Did you take pictures of his various costumes?

April said...

Sadly, we tried but the angle with which his head was laying was not cooperating with the funny picture look. Jon modeled the turbin for effect though: