Monday, December 15, 2008

Hair by Mama

I had a paper and a final to email by 12:30 today. Needless to say I was up until 2am finishing the paper and up again at the crack of dawn to work on the final. Both were, and mind you I've been at this whole college thing for sometime now, quite possibly the most miserable final and paper I've ever worked on. I think this is partly due to the subject matter, I will never love Shakespeare. And also because my creative juices are apparently very depleted right now. Whatever the case I had a very long night.

But, enough of my whining.

I highlighted my hair this weekend!

I'll be honest, I haven't had any color on my hair in about 3 years, but I was born a blonde and I've always felt I should be a blonde. And I've had a box of blonde highlights sitting here on my desk taunting me for the last 6 months. I guess in my desire to put off actually working on that awful paper I decided Saturday would be the perfect time to highlight my locks. Not to mention I've been in an awful hair rut lately.

What I'd forgotten over the last 3 years is that my hair is highly welcoming of color. Which of course means I left the highlights on for about 2 minutes too long and ended up with platinum streaks.

It was awful.

But I didn't panic. I did quite the opposite actually. I had my mother chop off the 3 inches at the end that the salon failed to cut before Thanksgiving, put a hat on my head the following morning and bought a box of dark blonde hair dye.

It ended up being the perfect combination. The platinum turned into a warmer blonde, the darker brown that wasn't highlighted lightened up to a nice honey color. And I have the best hair color I've had in years. And haircut!

And all for $13.

mom's party my hair 043
The picture doesn't do it justice.
And for a point of reference, in case you can't tell the difference. (and please excuse the awfulness of this shot)
mom's party my hair 035

So yes, there is the story of how I will continue to be a fan of at home hair care until either all my hair falls out or I inherit millions of dollars.


k said...

it looks gorgeous!!! i highlighted my hair by myself for the first time back in october [well, first SUCCESSFUL time] and now i'm a convert...for real, never again paying $100 for someone to do what I can do for $6!

i love it!

April said...

Thank you! I was totally inspired by the picture of your new bangs Saturday night! haha

Have you decided you like them? I thought they were super cute.