Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quote of the Day

"One of my she-roes is Mother Theresa, she is an icon for what it means to be pro-life but it’s not because she ran around wearing an “Abortion is Murder” shirt. She said, if you didn’t want to have your babies, you can give them to me. That has an integrity that you can not argue with. Jesus had a political manifesto in the Sermon on the Mount and the beatitudes and the poor are at the very center of it. So if our political agenda is not good news to the poor, then it’s not the gospel of Jesus."

Shane Claiborne, a founding pastor of The Simple Way, a church in inner city Philadelphia

I just thought that was an awesome quote, so I had to share it beyond my little Tumblr world (again, if you aren't on Tumblr you don't know what you're missing).

One of my ultimate fascinations with the pro-Life movement is how much it could do if it took all of that mobilized energy and instead of focusing it on ending all abortions, focus it on ending all of the situations that lead women to choose abortions.

If adoption were simpler in this country, what difference would it make? If more families looked beyond biological children and opened their eyes and hearts to the beauty of adoption, what difference would it make? If more emphasis were put on ending poverty, improving conditions in inner cities and providing assistance to those in need, what difference would it make?

Food for thought on this chilly December night, indeed.

I'm sitting here snuggled up under the blankets, still freezing to death though. I made 120 peanut butter buckeyes for my Mom's office Christmas party tomorrow. How I got roped into doing that, I'm still not sure. But there I stood methodically dipping peanut butter into melted chocolate for God knows how long, and I don't care if I never see another one of those damn candies again.

(Ha, yeah right. I call BS on my on BS, you watch me.) ;)

So anyways, there's that tidbit. I leave you with quite possibly Amy Poehler's best Hillary Clinton to date. It's pretty fabulous.

This Saturday is Amy's last official SNL, unless they ever have her back to host I suppose, or if an obscure VP candidate pops up in the future and looks freakishly just like her. Either way, heads up.

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