Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Question Time

I want serious and varied answers on this one. Which means, I expect comments. Yes, I'm demanding. And I plan on holding all of your various social networking sites hostage until I get them.

Okay. Here goes.

Lately I've felt this insatiable urge to run. But school is holding me here. And family. But I truly feel if neither of them were giving me a good reason to stay put I would have skipped town weeks ago. I want to be adventurous. Even if that means failing a time or two. I don't ever want to look back on my life and regret that I never jumped off the deep end.

Which brings me to the question(s):
  • What keeps you where you live?
  • Are you happy there?
  • Do you plan to stay or do you hope to one day leave?

Feel free to answer one, or all, I'm easy to please. Some feedback that I'm not crazy would be appreciated. (HA, kidding...I know I'm nuts. And that's okay. ;) )


k said...

first off - definitely NOT crazy!!! i think this is definitely normal among people our age with any sort of ambition/drive/desire for something more

okay...to answer the questions...

1) the honest truth? what keeps me here is fear, more than anything. well, fear, and lack of financing :) i want nothing more than to wave goodbye out the window of a car speeding away into the sunset, but i'm scared of messing up, being impractical, not succeeding at whatever it is i try, etc.

2) i used to be happier here than i am now. a lot of friends have been ballsier than i am and have already moved away...and the ones who have stayed behind are starting to change/grow apart, which sucks because they've been the only good things about this town. so...yeah. no. not super happy here anymore. it's a great town, etc, whatever, but i feel like i'm just kind of stagnant right now.

3) i would LOVE to leave, but i have no clue what to do/where to go/how to make it happen. i am so, so, so jealous of the people who figure out how to do it and get the hell out!!! if you figure out some key secrets, let me know :)

til then, i'll just be sitting here wistfully looking at craigslist job ads in bigger cities and filling out peace corps applications (that i'll probably never turn in)

k said...

whoa that was really long and rambly and kind of non-sensical!!!!! sorry :\

April said...

So true about the fear. I hear you on that one. I say it's school and family keeping me here, for now...and it's true. But once it's not school? I'll probably be scared out of mind. And I worry that I'll allow that to hold me back. Ugh.

How do people do it? I'd love to know. I guess they just jump off the deep and hope they can swim??

Anyways, I'm endlessly fascinated by the Peace Corps, you should totally turn in those applications!