Friday, December 26, 2008

The Obligatory Christmas Roundup

Dad checking out one of his gifts, that 'y'all shouldn't have bought', but we did anyway. He opened all of his presents with a pocket knife. Which is...kinda hilarious.
Christmas 2008 075

Jon, super excited about getting Season 1 of Supernatural, which is his favorite tv show, like 'of all time...ever'.
Christmas 2008 072

I got a new iPod, which is amazing, considering I've been using an ancient iPod MINI for the last 5 years. Also seen are my various pairs of super long socks, house slippers, pajamas and cold weather gear. I'm not kidding when I say I can't handle the cold anymore. I used to walk around the house in shorts and tank tops in the dead of winter...but not anymore. All I wanted were things to bundle up in. My Mama happily obliged.
Christmas 2008 088

Dad got Mom some earrings, which he wrapped in several grocery store bags and placed inside of an empty box of Prilosec.
Christmas 2008 065

Jack passed out from eating too much wrapping paper.
Christmas 2008 043

Jill, the chihuahua, has a heating pad that you warm up in the microwave. My Dad got her addicted to it, I'm not going to pretend that's normal. But, her bed buddy was falling apart, so she got a new one. She loves it.
Christmas 2008 010

We all got various board games, books, DVDs and music. Here we are playing Blokus last night. Awesome board game! But even better was Jon playing it while offering commentary of his moves in a French accent.
Christmas 2008 181

I sent all of the neighbors a gift. I filled cute Christmas tins with a dozen Peanut Butter Buckeyes, 5 huge Chocolate Chip Cookies, a Cinnamon-Applesauce Ornament and a card.
Christmas 2008 179

Jon got a guitar.
Christmas 2008 165

And for Cassie, we dressed up Jill in an Elf Suit. Sadly, Molly's suit didn't fit her. They were gifts and I guess the giver didn't realize how much bigger Molly is. :(
Christmas 2008 167

I'll probably share more pictures from Christmas soon. Just because I have to show you how my Dad literally fell asleep at the Christmas Eve Dinner Table. It's priceless.


SassyCassie said...

Oh my Lord, I love all of your Christmas pictures!! And your dad's wrapping job is hilarious!

That elf looks really sad that Christmas is over! lol! :]

April said...

Haha, thanks!