Saturday, June 12, 2010

I dreamed a dream

Oh man, y'all, the things I'd do with this house.

It was built in 1922.

5 bedrooms, 2700 square feet, 7 acres.


In my dreams I buy it.

Fix it up.

Make it a lovely shade of blue.

I'd buy a cow.

Two goats.

A chicken coop.

A bunch of rescued dogs and barn cats.

I'd grow an acre or two of vegetables.

And have fruit trees.

Except I worry.

I'll never have enough money.

Or, even worse, it'll be just me and an apartment full of cats until I die.

When I was 17 I'd worry about these same things.

I never thought then that I'd still be worrying about them at 24.



katie said...

LOVE that house! where is it??

and don't worry, you're still a young'in. i am about to hit 26 in a few days, and the worries? they are increasing exponentially.

April said...

Waddy. Which is the hilarious part to me. Like I could really live there. oh man...