Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yes, I am still talking about vacation

I knew ahead of time that one of the meals I had to try in Fort Myers was Five Guys. I'd been meaning for months to try the one in Louisville since the Obamas had raved about the chain. But I'm never near The Summit. The Five Guys in Fort Myers was 3 miles from our hotel.

The menu at Five Guys is scant. You get burger options: one patty or two, cheese, bacon or both. They also have hot dogs, but I didn't concern myself with that option knowing that hotdogs were going to be one of my Sanibel meals.

I got the little cheeseburger (which was so not little at all) with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, ketchup, and mayo. The four of us split a large fry (regular, but they also have cajun seasoned fries). It was so good, y'all. So good I forgot to take a picture of the food. So worth it that I'm plotting a trip to the Louisville location.

Sanibel 2010-Fuji-set1 021

Sanibel 2010-Fuji-set1 024

Sanibel 2010-Fuji-set1 022

After Five Guys we stopped by Lovers Key State Park. Where we watched sting rays hang out underneath a bridge.

Sanibel 2010 Day 3 148

Sanibel 2010 Day 3 149

Sanibel 2010 Day 3 150

Jon is going to Newport Aquarium with friends on Thursday. I, of course, have to work. I'm so jealous that these sting rays and the few dolphins we saw will probably be my only brush with aquatic life this summer. Darn those teenagers and their lack of adult responsibilities.


katie said...

there's a five guys in lexington too! i've only been there once, but it was back when i was still strictly vegetarian, so i don't get to try the burger then. just a heads up in case you get a hankering after class one day!

April said...

Excellent piece of info! Tucking that away for fall.