Monday, June 7, 2010

Schnapper's Hots

On Wednesday we piled into the van for a morning of shelling at Turner Beach and Blind Pass in the Santiva area (the bridge area that connects Sanibel and Captiva). After looking around and a failed attempt to visit the Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum the three of us who went were STARVING. A drive up Periwinkle (the main commercial area for shops and restaurants on Sanibel) landed us at Schnapper's Hots, a hotdog stand sort of place.

Sanibel 2010 Wednesday 123

Sanibel 2010 Wednesday 121

We bought plain hotdogs, chili dogs, and bratwurst.

Sanibel 2010 WED 044

Sanibel 2010 WED 050

And then took our order over to the Causeway Beaches (the bayside beaches on either side of the big bridge to the islands) to enjoy lunch and watch the passing boats. The food was good, but the view definitely made it the best lunch I've had in a while.

Sanibel 2010 FINEPIX 281


katie said...

omg please tell me you got the lewinski, right??

SassyCassie said...

That chili dig made me vomit in my mouth. Ugh.

April said...

Katie, IF only I liked kielbasa. That menu item name is HILARIOUS.

Didn't you eat a lot of hotdogs while you were pregnant, Cassie? Total aversion now?