Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Non Update, Update

Oh gosh. :tap: :tap: Is this thing on?

Let's see, I last left off with my feelings. I'm happy to report that is over with. Nice/adorable boy quit and I got over it. I had orientation today for my second job. I don't know what my schedule is like next week, but job #1 is ending soon so hopefully it will all work out.

I'm tired.

I'd really like to go see a movie. I'm currently trying to go 30 days without eating out. I just baked cookies.

The garden has exploded. I've personally eaten 3 red tomatoes this week. Thank you, super hot weather. I had fried okra two days ago and haven't stopped thinking about it. The only thing that might make my life better in the sustainable living area would be a Saturday trip to the Farmer's Market.

Overall I'm happy, despite my exhaustion.


SassyCassie said...

So lets go see a movie. Twilight Saga: Eclipse? haha!

April said...

Well, for the record I'd have to catch up on the first two. That said, I'd be game. ;)