Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day morning I took a mini road trip with my mama and Jonathan. We drove up to Fort Myers Beach, down to Bonita Beach and almost to Naples just checking out the sights and scoping out fishing spots.

Highlight: all ride down we'd been joking about a nudist colony that advertised in an area guidebook. I died when we found a mermaid statue out in front of a complex on the way to Bonita Beach that was topless and very anatomically correct. We laughed so hard over how we must have found the nudists that I had to pull the car over and catch my breath.

Later that afternoon we picked up 'The Bob' from the hotel and headed over to buy a fishing license and some bait. Then we hit up one of our favorite Fort Myers spots, Sun Harvest Citrus, for some yummy ice cream cones (my favorite is the Key Lime/Chocolate twist), juice, and citrus samples. After all that we headed over to Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel for fishing and a sunset.

This was the night I decided I probably wouldn't use the Canon much on this trip after a) the humidity gave me fits and b) I dropped the lens cap in sand. My mother wondered when I'd stop being paranoid over this camera, my answer: give me one year and a big girl job with real income and I'll stop freaking out.

Sanibel 2010 Day 3 012

Sanibel 2010 FINEPIX 059

Sanibel 2010 Day 3 016

Sanibel 2010 Day 3 047

Sanibel 2010 Day 3 036

Sanibel 2010 Day 3 037

Sanibel 2010 Day 3 043

Sanibel 2010 Day 3 022

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Sarah said...

Wow, such familiar territory for me. We used to vacation in Naples ever year and I have an uncle from Ft. Myers :)