Monday, June 7, 2010

"Mom, she's like bigfoot--rarely seen on film."

I always come home from a trip and think, "dammit, I still forgot to be in any pictures."

Hate the way I look in this first one. I forgot to pack conditioner, not that it would have helped because the salty breeze at the beach everyday left my hair in a constant state of disarray. And I turned this black and white because this was pre-burn and therefore my little farmer's tan was a bit blinding.

That said, PROOF, I was there.

Sanibel 2010 WED 037

Sanibel 2010 FINEPIX 090

Sanibel 2010 WED 021

Sanibel 2010 FINEPIX 288

After the burn in my salmon colored shorts that I HAD to buy before I left town. I love them:

Sanibel 2010 FRIDAY2 079


Anonymous said...

It's good to see you in some pictures for once! Love the salmon shorts btw!

April said...

Thank you! :)

katie said...

salty beach hair is the best thing ever! it's supposed to be good and messy and twisty! don't tell anyone but i've actually paid money for bottled stuff that's supposed to replicate salty beach water hair (didn't work, of course)

p.s. you are adorable as always, so glad you got pictures!