Monday, August 18, 2008

Freebie Five

Dooce tackles a subject today that I often think about. She refers to it as the 'Five Fame Fuckers List', and not to take anything away from the great and mighty Dooce I prefer my favorite gossip blogger Lainey's term: 'The Freebie Five'.

Lainey has done this list for years now, she has a little sidebar section for it and her list is ever changing. (She's also smart, witty, hilarious, very chic and posh and everything I like in a gossip blog. That's why she wins. So I read her and you should too, I swear you'll enjoy.)

Anyways, the premise of a 'Freebie Five' is kind of rooted in a stable relationship, the five people you'd be allowed to fuck if given the of consequences. But since I'm not in a relationship I like to call this 'The Five People I'd Do Tomorrow JUST BECAUSE I CAN' List.

1. Michael Phelps (Lainey and Dooce have Michael on their list, as I suspect many women do right now. Michael's going to be a busy boy is all I'm saying.)
2. Prince Harry
3. George Clooney
4. Billy Bob Thornton
5. David Beckham

Michael is an obvious choice. I understand some take offense with the mouth or ears, but I find him completely charming. And I'm totally turned on by ambition and success. Sad. But true.

Prince Harry. Oh come on. Eye candy. And money. And royalty. (Wait, I'm sensing a theme here.)

George Clooney. Beautiful. Charming. Dark and handsome. Love. Oh, and it would have to take place at the Lake Como Villa. Just saying.

Billy Bob Thornton. (What!?) I know. But he's sexy. Dirty. And sexy. I swear.

David Beckham. It's the tattoos. And accent. (Also successful, ambitious...hmm...should I psychoanalyze this or let it go?)

Now for the respectable part of this post that doesn't involve sex.

Last night I went on a bit of a nature walk behind our house. (A little set up for those unaware, the house backs up to a farm and woods and is very 'country' in some respects.) Of course halfway through my camera battery went dead and I ran out of memory on my SD card. But here are a few of my favorite shots before all went to hell.

nature walk 015

nature walk 036

Old Stable

nature walk 039

So, who's on your 'Freebie Five'?

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