Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just Read

Spooky Waverly Hills may return as hotel

I think this is a fantastic idea. I'd totally want to spend a night there! I wouldn't as it is right now, but turn something into a luxury and I don't care how creepy it me to the spa.

But *ahem*, that's just how I am.


k said...

oooh they told us about that when i went up for my birthday!

to be honest i'd like to spend the night there right now as it is (except for the $100 price tag i'd have already done it!)...speaking as someone who is an extreme wimp and pretty much scared as EVERYTHING, the place is definitely creepy and we saw some pretty bizarre stuff, but it was more like "i cannot believe this is happening" and general amazement than OMG SCARED. which is not to say that i did not scream or run a couple of times, ahem.

i'd love to go back and explore some more, if i do you should come with!!!

April said...

That seriously sounds like a lot of fun. Creepy, but fun for sure.