Sunday, August 3, 2008

Warm Fuzzies

My Mom and I have a lot in common. She can sew and I once pressed the foot pedal on a sewing machine.

Over the past few weeks my mother has moved back into the sewing realm. I'm guessing this sweltering heat has something to do with it.

I of course have a long history of trying and failing at every crafty thing I try. I always start with the best of intentions, desperate to find my 'thing'. And in the end I abandon most of it, never to look back again.

Oddly enough I'd never thought of sewing.

But you know...when in Rome.

This weekend I assisted in the making of this:

sewing 008

And by assisted I mean I cut the pattern out (much harder than it sounds actually, for someone who failed cutting and pasting in kindergarten anyway) and picked out which fabric to use. Oh and I took pictures of the real work:

sewing 007


Pictures, it's what I do.

But even if I didn't do a ton of actual work last night it was a bit like attending a lecture, I certainly learned a thing or two. I've always been a bit 'visual' anyway.

I might not ever get good at this. It could go the way of all of the other crafty things. But as for now I'm interested enough to try. Because above all else there is something deeply satisfying about a stack of beautiful fabric.

sewing 023

Something that is delighting my senses and awakening my creative side.

sewing 025

Makes me feel all 'sustainable' and 'green' inside. It's a fuzzy feeling.

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