Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How Awful Things Are

Let me count the ways:
  • My face is broke out
  • I need a haircut.
  • I haven't been able to find a borrower yet for next semester to cover the $178 in tuition plus whatever the cost of books are that isn't covered by my federal loan. All because the credit markets are frozen.
  • My data entry job just ended, so I need another job...soon.
  • My car is still broke down. I've still not traded it in. I do however continue to pay monthly payments and insurance on the piece of shit.
  • 4 years ago my Dad got a settlement on his worker's comp case, money he was owed for lost wages over a several year period. He called social security, cleared everything through lawyers and it was not to effect his SS at all. Guess what!? Social Security forgot all that, think they've overpaid him for the last four years and would now like around $20,000 back! Isn't that awesome!?
  • It's in the appeals process. But the whole not being able to pay the mortgage thing is weighing HEAVILY around these parts and has been for the last two months.
  • The truck needs new ball joints (whatever that means).
  • The van needs a complete tire alignment, balance and rotation and possibly some sort of joint issue of some sort taken care of.
  • I have a million things due in all of my classes.
  • My iPod died.
  • I haven't really bought anything in months and today I had to pick up something from Target. It was quite literally PAINFUL to walk past all of this junk that I just know would make me happy.
  • The library had none of the beautiful books I was coveting at Target.
  • Oh and finally.
  • Are you ready for this one?
  • Because it's a good one.
  • I got my first speeding ticket this morning.
  • 15 miles over.
  • And SOMEONE had forgotten to put the new insurance cards in the car so I also got cited for that. (which I know...can be taken care of, the kind officer explained this to me, but still MORE STRESS.)
  • And so just when I thought everything was pretty freaking awful this happened.
  • I give up.
At this point I'm mulling around three options: Cigarettes, Alcohol or Religion.

I might go for all three and then write a really awful country song about it.


k said...

girl, all 3 work, but i can especially vouch for the first 2 :)

in all seriousness though, sorry things are hitting a rough patch :( i'm sure it's probably no consolation to know that a lot of people out there are stressing over similar stuff (myself included)...these are weird/tough times. i hope stuff gets a little better for you soon :)

April said...

Haha, I just got home from buying wine so there's my start. ;)

Thank you. You are so right...these are very weird/tough times, I hope things all even out for you as well.