Sunday, November 2, 2008

Photo of the Day

I spent a little while at the phone bank this morning making calls for Bruce Lunsford. After that I had a few hours to goof off a bit so I stopped by the used book store and perused the clearance racks. I figure I need something to occupy my time after this election is over.

reading 127

Baked this weekend:
Snickerdoodles: recipe from Martha Stewart. Martha is my new favorite person ever. I don't know why I never paid much attention to her before. She's fabulous.

Snickerdoodles: Recipe from Martha Stewart

I also made potato soup and vegetable soup, but photos.

And one last Barack-o-Lantern picture, just for fun.

halloween 08 009

And Jon's ghoul/phantom thing. Whatever. Mine's better. ;)

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Devin said...

Love the pumpkin very creative:0)