Thursday, November 13, 2008

Photo of the Day: Post Crazy Edition

So I've been wondering all day how you follow up breaking the news to the world via your blog that you're crazy and made some seriously bad decisions once upon a time.

A) Do you ignore it and pretend it never happened?

B) Do you delete the post and pretend it never happened?

C) Do you vow to quit blogging because your disclosure level has reached epic levels and therefore you should really just stop?

D) Or do you post a Photo of the Day and call it a night?

I went with option D.

Sanibel 08--Jon's Camera 105
Jon starting one of several late nights of fishing in Sanibel this summer. This is one of many photos I just recently discovered existed, something about taking a 1000 pictures in a single trip made me forget to upload a ton. But I can't look at that hat and NOT laugh.

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