Friday, November 7, 2008

Post Election Life

It's been hard entering post election life. You look forward to something for two years, then suddenly in the blink of a couple hundred electoral votes and a great speech on a stage in Chicago and it's all over.

But I'm trying to work it out.

Things I'm now doing to occupy my time:

Collecting all magazines with Obama on the cover.
post-election life 001
Which was accomplished in one trip to Walgreens. So umm, not exactly a practical way to fill up my time.

Getting in touch with my domestic side.
post-election life 002
Studying Martha and hooking up the sewing machine.

Purchasing Christmas fabric just because it's cute, but not really having a plan in mind to use it.
post-election life 003
I'm sure it'll all become nice pillows...or something.

Enjoying gas, while it lasts, for $1.96. Can we all agree that gas under $2 is a pretty enjoyable sight?! Yay recession! ;)

Watching 'The West Wing'.
But let's be honest, that's not really helping with the Post-Election weaning of political addiction.

Discovering the trainwreck that is 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta', and updating myself on all of the Duggar episodes so far. I'll be honest, I've missed catching up on all the trashy shows several nights a week.


And while these are all valiant efforts, I should confess: I still check several times per day, and catch up on all the Obama news on my Tumblr Dashboard. I just can't go cold turkey.

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