Saturday, November 29, 2008

No, Aunt Bethany, those are the Christmas lights

I've decided my blog, after reaching epic poor pitiful me levels on my last post, should really become a whine-free zone. I'm done playing the pity game. Over it. I promise. I need to continue to remember that everything, in the end, will be fine. And if it isn't? I'll make it be somehow.

As an old roommate of mine told me the other day (and told me often over the course of our friendship) 'it'll all come out in the wash'.


Let's talk Christmas!

We've had this tree, for a few years now. It used to be prelit. But then a huge section went out. And we couldn't find the precise cause. So instead of spending another $100 on a comparable tree (is it just me or are artificial trees more expensive this year?) we painstakingly removed the lights. Now it's a multicolored tree, something we've not had for several years.
Christmas Prep 08 006

Still no ornaments on it, we'll do that after visiting my aunt later tonight (oops, wrote that earlier and we are now yeah...still working on it).

Oh look, it's those stupid deer that EVERYONE has a set of!

Christmas Prep 08 011

My mom getting sloshed...again.

Christmas Prep 08 012

I kid, she handles her alcohol quite well.

My Thanksgiving plate:
Thanksgiving 044

Absent are things I don't touch like potato salad and sweet potato casserole. And things I couldn't fit on one plate.

Oh gluttony, my favorite of the 7 deadly sins.

Have you ever seen anyone pick a turkey carcass like this?

Thanksgiving 042

Yeah, me either.

Thanksgiving 043

But my Dad is nothing if not tedious.

The table setting was cute this year:

Thanksgiving 037

So cute that the chihuahua demanded a seat:

Thanksgiving 038

I wish I could tell you she didn't sit there for the remainder of the dinner...

And I'm happy to announce that I found a new tv for the parents. Say what you will about Walmart and Black Friday, and I know both are getting some pretty bad press right now, but we got one there yesterday. Easy and over in 15 minutes, took it home and hooked it up then went back out to pick up a few more deals. Like 20% off of our entire purchase at Half Price Books!

Used books! It's what everyone is getting for Christmas this year! haha

P.S. Do you know how hard it is to shop for soon to be 14 year old boys? Christmas is no fun at this age. Quick, somebody find me a baby...

P.P.S. What movie is the title of this post from? Easy question, but I've already watched it twice this season.


SassyCassie said...

I love your table setting and I hate those deer. Also, where is all the turkey because it didn't make it on your plate?!

April said...

I start small, finish big. haha