Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random Thoughts When I Should Be Working on a Paper Instead

In which I procrastinate:
  • I read Twilight and still don't get the phenomenon. To each his own. But I don't want to bite Robert Pattinson. At all. However it should be said: I enjoyed him as Cedric Diggory.
  • Blue Christmas. No joke. I'm covering the house in blue Christmas lights. Each year we try to compete with the neighbors across the street, and each year our neighbor gets more and more outrageous with the light stringing. So Mom says, 'hey...we can't compete with the sheer number of lights, I'm out of ideas'. And I said, 'we must go blue'. So we are. Just because blue lights are kind of nutty. Very Graceland circa 1968.
  • Did I mention I have a paper to write?
  • I do.
  • 3-4 pages of research on the Bubonic Plague. For a class on Shakespeare. Worst assignment ever.
  • I helped my mom pick out a guitar for my brother online this weekend. It arrived today. He has no idea what it is.
  • In picking up the blown out tv this weekend, despite having help, I somehow managed to pull the muscles underneath my shoulder blades. I'm avoiding the doctor and hoping it goes away soon. But I can't raise my arms and every time I yawn, sneeze, laugh or cough it hurts.
  • I think my Dad is diabetic.
  • He refuses to go get his sugar tested.
  • This is currently a point of contention between the two of us.
  • I forgot to mention weeks ago that I canceled my Netflix membership. Turns out it was not a successful experiment as I became the kind of Netflix user they must love. I'd get a few movies and keep them FOREVER. I had zero turnover. It was completely worthless. I guess if you are diligent enough to keep a steady flow of movies coming in and out then it is worth it, but I was not.
  • I'm thinking about brining the turkey this year. Have any of you ever brined a turkey? Delicious? Not delicious? You stay as far away as possible from any turkey cooking process? Yeah, I understand.
  • And finally, a question? How many potatoes are too many potatoes at the Thanksgiving dinner table? We're having an intense Potato Salad vs. PW's Mashed Potatoes vs. Hashbrown Casserole debate. For a FOUR PERSON MEAL. Okay, seriously. But some of us will only eat one of those potatoes, and some of us will eat all three.


k said...

- i HATED twilight but flew through it anyway and ran out to get new moon the next day :\ it's so completely ridiculous and i absolutely hate edward and the writing is hoooooooorrible...but apparently i will read anything.

- don't feel bad, i sucked at netflix too.

- re: potatoes...THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY POTATOES! although, my personal choice would be mashed...hashbrown casserole is christmas food and potato salad is picnic food, at least in my head. although tbh i would eat a giant bowl of any of those right now!!!

April said...

I agree with you on the potatoes. I'm personally lobbying for Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes, but I guess all three would be okay. ;)