Thursday, January 8, 2009


All this talk about babies...


I'm still just a dog mom. ;D

Life Update
-I go back to school next week. Am of course kinda 'blah' about it all. (*think of your future* *think of your future*)

-I'm already sick of the cold weather. In the past that's meant me spending hours planning a vacation. This year all I do is look up real estate in warmer states. AWFUL. Just awful. Especially when I'm stuck here for at least another year. (Hi! Yep, this is me...complaining.)

-Isn't Molly adorable? I just want to smoosh her face most of the time. She's only slightly disturbed by it anymore.

-My latest chicken coop plan involves hatching chickens secretively until one day I'm all 'surprise Dad! we've got chickens!!' And then he'll have no choice but to build me a coop.

-Isn't that genius? I know. I'm pretty proud of myself.

-I asked Jon what I should do if say...Dad finds my chicken incubator. He says, 'tell him you're making deviled eggs.' (Sadly Jon does not have his sister's brand of genius, because I don't think this excuse will work.)

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