Monday, January 5, 2009

Nessuno si Preoccupa

My neighbors sent over a thank you card for the tin full 'o Christmas goodies that I sent them. Included was a $20 gift card to Papa Johns and a note that said, 'Adore your peanut butter balls, thanks so much. Have a pizza on us.' Who does that kind of thing anymore? I love it. So sweet.

Thank You cards are something I want to master this year. I have pretty terrible handwriting sometimes, but I should get over it. It is the thought that counts.

In other news: I made donuts.

361 003

361 005


Real, honest to blog, Yeast Donuts. From this recipe posted by Owlhaven. I omitted the orange glaze though.

So yum.

Jon had neighbor kids over for dinner tonight, so amongst the three boys these babies were gone in no time. All approved of the recipe. Although, I've learned boys eat almost anything so I'm not sure that's the rousing endorsement you need to hear. ;D

Postscript: The last pic was my 5 of 365 photo. So many bloggers are doing the project this year, it's nice motivation!

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