Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Storm 09

UK delayed yesterday. DELAYED?! Ugh. So dumb.

So my first class was canceled, the rest weren't. All professors but one emailed and said don't worry about coming in. One told a tale of how she left her house, then turned right back around. Another said her T.A. busted her back on campus that morning, and was now at the ER.


So I didn't bother for the one class that didn't cancel. We can discuss my absence when I return. And perhaps I'll suggest meds for that woman, 'cause clearly she's crazy.

UK canceled today, don't know about tomorrow. But if it's still an ice rink, I doubt I'm leaving the house.

Last night we lost power. Which And by fun I mean freezing. Our kerosene heater broke this weekend. The gas in the fireplace wasn't hooked up. Oh what a joy. It came back on around midnight and I watched 18 and Counting for the next hour. Will catch up on Real Housewives of OC if the power stays on today. Yes, I was mad about missing my reality shows. Shut up.

The ice makes for some excellent sledding if you are willing to get out in it. I am not.

09 snow and ice 001

09 snow and ice 003

sledding 2009 001

These are from this morning:

ice storm 09--power out and morn 003

ice storm 09--power out and morn 004

From the power outage last night:

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