Saturday, January 10, 2009

In which she ruins a cheesy movie ending...

So sometimes I spend my Saturday nights watching one of those cheesy movies on the Hallmark Channel with my Mom. Do. Not. Judge. It can be quite fun. (I fully admit to be obsessed with soap operas in my youth...this is not far removed from that.)

Anyways. Like I said, usually it's a lot of fun. And other times it's infuriating.

Like tonight.

This evening we watched this little gem:

Here's the premise:

  • couple tries over and over again to have children, many failed fertility treatments later and they are advised to look into other options.

  • couple gets all pissy with each other over this revelation. wife wants to consider adoption, husband says child won't be 'his own'.

  • couple gets sent on a vacation together, to work things out...reconnect.

  • couple spends first half of trip fighting.

  • couple spends 2nd half learning they can love children other than their own, and that they love each other as well.

  • couple decides to consider adoption.

  • couple returns home, while filling out adoption papers on their couch wife comes down with sudden MIRACULOUS morning sickness.

  • takes pregnancy test. OMG we're having our OWN baby.

  • end of story, presumably...end of adoption idea.

I was happy with the movie until that very last, very stupid, scene. Because of many reasons:

  • the implication that infertility is cured just by 'not worrying about it' anymore. you know...that whole 'stop trying so'll happen' thing.

  • the myth of the 'as soon as we adopted, or considered adopting, we got pregnant!'

  • the implication that this couple, just because they'd suddenly opened to adoption were 'blessed' with their very own baby. as though that is a greater gift than an adopted child. none is greater than the other.

  • the idea that adopting is somehow settling. or 'not quite as good'. perhaps it was not the intention of the film, but when movies end like this that is the taste it leaves in my mouth. they always end with the biological child option. i know many couples who do not have bio. kids, you just TRY and tell them that the love is any different...i dare you.

  • why did it have to end with the miraculous conception option? this is the same beef I had with 'Baby Mama'. and 'Sex and the City' for that matter. why did Charlotte have to suddenly get pregnant? as though life was good...but we've got to get that storybook hollywood ending by throwing in the bio baby!

I know that it's a messy topic, and a lot heavier than just a few bullet points in a stupid blog post. And not even worth it over a Hallmark Movie. But for once I'd just like to see a movie end without the miraculous conception. And maybe instead a happy miraculous adoption? Am I asking too much?

(I will now end this post and refrain from making any snide 'Virgin Mary' remarks. Just know I'm thinking them.)

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