Monday, January 26, 2009

Notes from the Prairie

First: a little context.

Where I live backs up to a farm. A The kind where each season the crop is alternated between soybeans, corn or wheat. Not a dairy farm. The field is completely open, unlike the last farm I lived next to (yes, I've spent my entire life in houses that backed up to farms...shut it) which separated us with a chain link fence. I quite prefer this openness. Makes things...airy...ya know?

So this farm and its airiness sometimes provide for a little wildlife watching. There are tons of deer that frequent the area. Sometimes we hear wild howling. Ducks, geese and doves. Wild dogs roam (seriously, this neighbor of ours has some ferocious attack beagles).

But tonight something was roaming the 'prairie' that we all found a bit odd.

See the three black blobs?

cows 001

Here, let me help you. I'll zoom that in a bit:

cows 001

Cows! Just walking through. We watched them head back to the pen they came from. And I resisted the urge to steal gently encourage one to stay in my yard so I could name it T-Bone. No harm done.

But still...Cows!

I'm easily amused.

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