Monday, January 26, 2009

West Honolulu Born and Raised


In other news: who's looking forward to our little snow storm? As has been well documented here I hate winter and by default have a healthy disdain for snow. BUT, I do enjoy being stranded occasionally. So I'm happy.

I've been reading this book (as well as Kate Gosselin's 'Multiple Blessings') for the past few days. It's completely changing the way I look at gardening. Helping me overcome my fears over not having fancy tools or special stakes and fertilizers. I'm now planning on making a compost heap. I don't even recognize myself anymore.

Let's see, what else have I been doing in this lack of blog posts time period?

*slightly planning vacation, although I'm not as on top of things this year because I have no idea where to go.
*reading a ton of history books for my classes. None of which are exactly 'light' reading.
*and squealing over every single Obama administration picture to be released since the inauguration.

Yeah, that about covers it.

Stay warm my little marshmallowly puffs.


SassyCassie said...

So I tried to show this to Alex but he has NEVER SEEN THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL AIR!

April said...

That is deplorable!

You must remedy this situation, that's all there is to it: