Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stress Blogging

# of jobs applied to so far
7 (or 8, I lost count on Friday or Saturday) last week
1 yesterday
2 today

careers/options I've considered
  • teaching
  • state job (climbing the ladder at some state entity)
  • college advising (not admissions at some for profit school, I mean legit ADVISING)
  • new media in some way (WAVE was hiring in November but I can't tell if the job is still open, I'm still mailing my resume)
  • administration/hr at a hospital or company
  • going back to school to be a librarian
nights I stayed awake for hours worrying
too many

nights I slept well after remembering a benadryl or 2 before bed does a body good
1, tonight will be two

stress baking I've done
  • peanut butter cookies
  • chicken pot pie (from scratch that I can officially now make with my eyes closed)
books I've read on my Kindle since receiving it
ONE, terrible isn't it? Doing something for fun while unemployed and not in school makes me feel guilty.

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