Sunday, January 2, 2011

I resolute to not make resolutions

I just need to document that I eat sweet potatoes now. Tonight I actually craved them. I made a quick dinner by picking up a rotisserie chicken, steaming broccoli (mine's in a separate bowl because I love steamed broccoli with vinegar... no really), fixing some saffron rice and making mashed sweet potatoes. This is such progress for me, just a few months ago I couldn't finish three bites of them. I also went all day without having a coke. It still upsets me that a few months ago at the height of family drama I started with the cokes again. It's amazing how much I depend on the hourly jolts of caffeine to get through my day. I had to make a cup of coffee around 3:00.

This all said. I'm not on a diet*. And this isn't a resolution.

*Definitely not a diet because do you see that portion of rice? Mama was hungry.

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