Sunday, November 1, 2009

30 Posts in 30 Days: The Beginning

Appropriate that the day after I post my I miss blogging bit I remember that NaBloPoMo begins today. 30 posts in 30 days ought to be enough to kickstart my blogging again, right?

I took the mother and brother to see 'This is It' with me this afternoon. My thoughts as follows:

*I really went into the film expecting to be a bit sad throughout the entire thing. I was to an extent because it really seems like the show would have been amazing. And I did have a moment of wow, his funeral was held on that very same stage. BUT, for the most part this didn't last through the entire thing. You do get swept up in the last glimpses of a musical/theatrical genius. The performances are quite amazing.

*Kenny Ortega is such a joy. I was already a fan, but now I really, really like the guy.

*Watching his dancers fangirl was hilarious. I mean, I would have done the same thing, but they really get into watching Michael at several different moments and go a bit crazy.

*Confession: I've always found MJ to be a bit sexy. I know, I know. But despite the surgeries and the skin condition and the stigma, the man had a certain confidence and swagger about him on stage. It's totally evident in this film, even at 50 years old.

*There were funny little moments throughout that we spent the car ride home laughing about. You definitely get a glimpse of a personality that maybe wasn't as evident in the past.

Overall a fun film for anyone who is/was a fan. I've read some nice critical reviews as well, so I know I'm not crazy.

Halloween was so low key. The whole party thing is not my scene anyway and it's hard to dress in a slutty costume when you're not a size two so I can't say as though I've be very into Halloween since I was like 12 or so. We get ZERO trick or treaters so that's a bore as well. We ended up doing some late evening shopping, carving pumpkins and then crafting until bedtime. I bought some of the cutest fabric at Hobby Lobby yesterday that I got to use for several projects last night. I can't wait to share what I've been up to...just not yet.

My pumpkin:
Halloween 2009 009

But I did experience some Election 08 nostalgia when recalling last year's Barack-o-Lantern masterpiece. 2008 was one of the most difficult years of my life, but seriously...oh so much fun sometimes.

I just liked this one...a lot:
Halloween 2009 003

Halloween 2009 006


SassyCassie said...

#1 I can't wait to read what you have to say every day!

#2 I share that same confession. :/

#3 Love the new layout!

April said...

#1 Thank you.
#2 I hear there are more of us. ;)
#3 Thank you, again. I found a great source for templates last night: