Friday, November 6, 2009

Day Six: Making Plans

Not the Duggar post yet, but it's coming. I have lots of Duggar thoughts that I need to get out. Duggar thoughts you might find surprising, unless you've talked to my brother and know what a mega fan I am. Hmph...


I awoke this morning and caught up on some Mighty Closet. I was totally inspired. As I've talked about before, I exist in a space of constant struggle: the battle between cute outfits and yoga pants. I'm ashamed of how often yoga pants win. But I am trying to be better. A huge part of it is to stop feeling awkward in clothes that aren't sweats or jeans. I have to try and stop feeling like people are staring at me. (This is a huge internal thing that most likely comes from my Mamaw...if I want to get all psychobabble about it all, but that's a longer story for another day.) Bottom line, most of the time I just prefer to wear stuff I feel invisible in. Isn't that terrible? I know!

So I've spent today making a list of new things I need for my closet. I'm justifying my shopping this weekend by declaring that the Kentucky Historical Society (technically they aren't even hiring, but they want me...even if they don't know it yet.) (also, real estate? super cute and cheap in Frankfort.) (p.s. would you vote for me if I ran for governor? I'm just putting some early feelers out there...) or any other similar organization or company would never hire me if I dressed like a bum. Good enough, no?

-blouses and button ups (to layer with said cardigans)
-crew neck sweater
-at least 3 new pairs of jeans in various washes
-new pair of flats:heels:boots
-winter coat that's both warm and light
-a replenished stock of earrings, rings and necklaces

Conundrum: I've picked up the phone at least 10 different times this week to make a hair appointment, but I can't commit. I've had some terrible hair salon cuts in the past. How do you decide on one to trust? There should be more reviews out there...just saying.


Anonymous said...

Jessica at The Wave. See her...she's fab!

April said...

Ooh, I forgot about that place! Thanks Laura!