Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day Fourteen: hey Mama, are you listening?

A Wish List: camera stuff
Canon 50mm 1.8 lens
a Lensbaby selective focus SLR lens
and to go with: a Lensbaby Macro Kit and a Lensbaby Aperture Kit (so I can't make bokeh stars)
an SLR backback, perhaps like THIS ONE
and one of these pretty camera straps

A Wish List: other stuff
an LL Bean Tote
a new iPod
Apples to Apples

Today I'm thankful for my new Kroger store. If I can't have Publix, Kroger is for real the next best thing. I'm also thankful that once upon a time my parents moved to Mt. Washington and not Shepherdsville. I don't think any other Kentucky city evokes as much rage from me as that one does. And I'm thankful for weekends away from Italian. Amen.


SassyCassie said...

I want an LL Bean tote, too! AND a new iPod... but I don't know what this Apples to Apples thing is you people speak of.

My husband is headed to that very Kroger store right now to work. Second jobs suck but they're good for maternity leave, I guess.

Also.. I LOATHE Shepherdsville. Really.

April said...

I've never actually played Apples to Apples but I know people who speak highly of it. Sometimes I'm such a follower. ;)

Positive: yay for maternity leave!