Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day Five: She Solves Things

I think I've solved my blogging problem. It goes a little something like this:

I spent a lot of my previous blogging life talking about my life up to this point. I got out my feelings about my grandmother. Feelings about my Dad's health. Other family stuff. Tied up high school in a little red bow. Confessed my college misgivings. And talked about every other thing I'd ever wanted to discuss or get off my chest. And now that I have a full time place for all of the political snippets I collect throughout my day, I really have lost my last interesting snippet of voice around these parts.

I find myself envying friends who have babies. Not because I want a baby. No, it's more sinister than that. I envy babies because they are tremendous blogging fodder. Would Dooce still have things to talk about if she didn't have Marlo and Leta? Okay, probably...because she's Dooce and amazing. But for the most part, kids are awesome topics for blogs. Because kids do freakin' funny stuff, and say the craziest things.

When I was in school I spent a lot of time writing things that centered around Jonathan, because even then I appreciated the kid factor. I won a Young Author's Award on his birth story. I made a classroom full of 5 graders howl with laughter over a story about his Superman escapades. I caused an 8th grade English teacher to cry over a story I wrote about my baby brother. And I even blogged about him quite a bit back in the day.

But then it happened: Jon grew up. 14 year olds still do funny things, but they also know how to google. And they don't appreciate their funnies displayed for all the internet to see. Unless you ask for express written permission and offer royalties.

14 year olds are pretty much pieces of crap.

So without any major life changes over the last few years (on the one hand, thank God, and on the other hand...meh, nothing to say) I have simply run out of anything interesting to talk about. Or perhaps I just think I have. I'm not quite sure yet.

However, I'm not giving up. I'm just regrouping. Over the remaining NaBloPoMo time frame I'm determined to find my blogging voice again. Without resorting to kidnapping borrowing a baby, I swear.

Coming soon, attempt #1: my thoughts on the Duggar family.

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