Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day Nine: The Duggars

I love the Duggars.

The very liberal, very unsure about my religious stance, very crunchy granola, very sustainable living advocating, very feminist person I am loves the Duggar family. And it's taken me some time to accept this about myself. And even longer to realize why I do.

A while ago I asked Facebook whether they'd like to be a Gosselin or a Duggar. At that point I was on the fence. I mean, there are some unconventional downfalls in being a part of either family, right? Like no TV or Hailey Glassman for a step-mommy. Decisions!

But the more I thought about it the more I decided the Gosselins are batshit crazy and I actually kind of enjoy the Duggars. Jim Bob is totally that corny uncle you roll your eyes at and don't always agree with but kinda love anyway.

Without further adieu: why the Duggars win every time.
  • They talk it and walk it: the Duggars don't just say they believe in certain things but then engage in the same things every day but Sunday. Meaning, do you know how many people I know who shun gambling but visit casinos and don't want their preacher to find out? Or purchase alcohol but vote against county alcohol sales. I hate that kind of stuff. The Duggars say they shun birth control and have 18+ kids to prove it. They have convictions and they stick to them. It's admirable. Even if I don't agree with the premise behind those convictions.
  • So we might not agree on the abortion front we do share a common belief in the rights of the mother in regards to her labor and delivery. I love that Anna had her baby at home and that Mama Duggar has had several VBACS, home births and home labor.
  • Cousin Amy is so Marilyn from the Munsters. The one of these is not like the others factor, you know? It cracks me up.
  • Free Jinger. The Duggars have the best message boards to lurk about on for amusement. Somewhere along the way the Gosselins stopped being any fun at all for this sort of thing. (let's be honest, the Gosselins need to be shipped to Madagascar in crates at this point)
  • I just like guessing (and making up my own) J names. And in a house with a Jonathan, Jack and Jill I feel a certain J kinship.
  • Tator Tot Casserole. How can you deny the awesomeness of a family that comes up with such a culinary masterpiece?
All joking and non joking aside, I honestly like these people. Despite our vast differences theirs is the reality show family I'd most like to visit.

Case in point, there was an episode when they were working on the Bates' house in Tennessee and Jana was cutting floor tile and laying it in a bathroom all by herself. She was asked how she could possibly do that while wearing a skirt and she replied, "I don't know, I've never done it any other way." And then Jim Bob was asked about the girls helping the renovation project and he said they've always done projects like that. Girl, boy, it didn't matter. And then you cut to Michelle talking about how she has a license in real estate and helped run Jim Bob's car lots.

Sure, they are super conservative and believe in a certain family structure, but there is a whole lot more girl power going on in that house than people realize.

So yes, Virginia, I'd be a Duggar before I'd be a a heartbeat.

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katie said...

omg. free jinger. omg. i've been saying for awhile, you can totally tell that she's gonna be the one who goes nuts in a few years (hopefully in a good year). i love this website!!! hahahaha