Monday, November 2, 2009

Day Two: Things

Thing One
All a dog needs:
Food in their belly.
And a warm place to lay.
nov 2 2009 084

Thing Two
The Pioneer Woman Cooks (the cookbook!) arrived at my doorstep this morning. This is a cookbook I see myself making every single recipe out of. I'm not sure I've ever owned one I felt like that about before.

nov 2 2009 085

I'm off to spend my afternoon coming up with a bibliography for History, looking over some Italian and then watching Dancing with the Stars with my mother. About that last one, I've always watched DWTS because of the it's so bad it's good factor, but this season has been so bad it's bad. Get it together ABC, or I might have to find another guilty pleasure to abide my time in the spring.


katie said...

i got my pw cookbook too!!! i love it.

i think we need to schedule a girls roadtrip to stalk her at her nashville book signing. just saying.

April said...

Shut up! When is it?

katie said...

december 8!!!! you, me, could be epic, i just say.

April said...

Urgh. I have an exam that afternoon. It would have been amazing otherwise. *sad face*